Thursday, February 11, 2010

Telion of the Space Marines

So it's been a long week or two with a lot of things going on.  Rumor has it, I'm moving.  We'll see if that's the case when the time comes!  However, things are looking a little more exciting as time goes on.  Despite that, I've been having to pack up all my things so that I can get out of my apartment by February 28th and into the company apartment.  Why am I stating all of these things?  It means that my camera and stuff is likely going to get packed up and I won't have it available with me when I move to the temp apartment, and likely won't have access to it again until after all that jazz gets to Montreal, and not to mention, I get there too.  So, this is quite likely the last post I'm going to make unless I do something digital that I feel I can show here with out feeling awkward.  Chances of that, are not very likely!

So, here he is.  He's a character that's named Telion, that fights for the Ultra Marines.  Hence the blue armor instead of the typical green that I do.  Telion has been fun, and honestly rather simple, which has been a pleasure.  I continue to amaze myself with some of the little things I do get right, like the leafy bit on his right pauldron, and HOLY COW his face is looking mad awesome.  Do you see that eye?  Yes!  There's a pupil!  Isn't that cool?  He's lookin' at you!  Awe, and he's got a good mustache and beard.  Seriously, you all likely know how hard it is for me to compliment myself, but I'll out right say it here... I'm damn proud of how this guys face turned out.  Truly awesome.

The other thing I'm slowly becoming comfortable with is how to try and do shades of a color until you get to the crest and lightest shade.  I tried a few things with the cape, and felt I learned this a good bit actually.  It's not great, and no where NEAR perfect!  But it is nicer than my usual jazz, and for that I'm quite happy.

But as always with my stuff, there's a plethora of problems.  I can't figure out why in the hell I can't get nice straight high lights on the rims of things.  It's literally driving me bonkers!  It's something I hope to practice more when I get to Montreal and make it a point to try.

So, the next vicitim is either going to be Vulkan He'stan or a pack of 5 Terminators!  I haven't decided yet, and I haven't decided if I'll wait to go to Montreal before I do it.  So, we'll see.

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