Sunday, July 8, 2012

You'll Never See Them Coming.

This weekend has been pretty productive. Friday I didn't do much, so we'll count Thursday as Friday. Let's just say that I started these guys on Thursday, and finished them up on Sunday with plenty of time to spare. It didn't feel like that much effort and the end results are actually pretty awesome! You tell me?

So I spent in total, 2 and a half days working on them. Originally I wasn't going to use magnets, but I wasn't sure how useful that Fusion Blaster would be. So, one of the models had a few magnets inserted into it and now it can optionally use the blaster if it means too. The group I play with doesn't really care about a model being overly accurate, so I permanently glued a drone control unit to one of the units as well. We'll just say for fluff, if he doesn't have a drone then it's been deactivated. If he does, well, he decided to bring one along! Either way, it doesn't matter.

They did come out pretty sweet though I have to say. I had a hard time choosing exactly how I was going to do the colors, even though I did know pretty much what colors I liked. The ones in the book were fantastic, and they looked fairly simple to implement. So that's what I went with. I think I'll dry brush the legs next time rather than detail paint the highlights, as I feel that gives a better "leather" or clothy look than the detail direction. Other than that though, it's great. I usually grown trying to find the color that will give me that kinda reddish brown, but it turns out that Vallejo's Dark Fleshtone on top of a brown base really makes things look good. To top it off, I used a bit of Devlan Mud wash mixed with Baal Red to give it some depth and fill in the cracks. Fantastic! The highlights were a bit hard to discover. It's a bit of Bestial Brown basically, with some Filthy Brown mixed in to make it just a touch lighter. I'm not sure I'm happy with that combo yet, and it may warrant more exploration next time. With the wash however, it turned out pretty awesome.

The only other thing to really mention, is that I tried to work on my camera shots as well. You'll see that I've combined the units together, focusing on one guy and letting other guys sit in and out of the field of focus. I was just trying to make them a little more interesting is all. This works, I think! I'm happy with it! I'll try doing just a little bit more next time. What I'd /really/ love to do though, is actually build some photoshoot worthy terrain that I could use in my photos. Maybe ... once I'm finished with the 3 more vehicles, one more combat suit, and the drone sniper squad I have left to do. Oh ya, and 4 more Kroot! SO MUCH SHIT TO DO! Oh well, at least I know the summer is full of fun things to work on.

So what's next? Well I bought a Games Workshop spray gun, and I do have 3 vehicles to build and paint. Don't expect the next post for a good half a month to a month because I recon it's going to take me time to paint all that up and show it off, as I need to learn how this new tool works too and decide on how I want to do the patterns on my vehicles. So, we'll see. It's been a good run for now! See ya when I get the next batch done.

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